Job was faced with difficulties that brought so much hardship upon him. Despite this trial Job remained steadfast, resolute and unshaken, probably because he had tasted the power and influence of the Almighty God in his life. He lost all that could have made life worthwhile to him.

In Job 19: 25, Job testified, “I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth.”  What an assurance from a man who lost all that he had worked for in life. What kind of a man was Job? What a testimony!  This assurance can only come by experience and relationship with God.

Sometime ago, my wife and I were worried about our last son (5 years old then) who could not bear his testimony in family home evening meetings, family scripture studies and fast and testimony Sunday. When we observed this, we pleaded with his senior siblings to work with him and teach him how to bear testimony.  In these family meetings, each one of us is expected to bear his or her testimony before the closing prayer.  Whenever it was Michael’s turn, he would stand and look at the mum and then to turn me, then walk up to me and sit on my lap without bearing his testimony.  

On fast and testimony sacrament meeting day, Michael would promise us that he would bear his testimony along with other children.  But when it came time, he would leave the family circle and go sit with other members only to return to the mum at the end of the sacrament meeting.  He continued in this manner and we decided not to bother him with learning how to bear his testimony. Inside, I was worried and wondered why Michael would not bear his testimony even when we had worked with him on what he might share and how to say it.

One faithful Saturday morning, following the family scripture study, we began bearing our testimonies one after the other until it got to Michael’s turn.  He attempted to say something but I brushed over it and beckoned to the next person sitting beside him- the mum- to take her turn.  Following the mother’s testimony, he got up with a strong feeling and asked if he could bear his testimony and he was asked to go ahead. He bore the sweetest testimony about the scripture read on that day (Alma 5) talking about us receiving His image in our countenances following our acceptance to follow Jesus Christ as our personal Savior and Redeemer. I looked at him and became overwhelmed with joy and fulfillment.  Since then Michael has continued to bear his testimony in every family and church meeting when called upon to do so. We realized that we had been attempting to force our testimony on Michael all this while; hence, he refused to bear a testimony because he hadn’t one of his own then.

We would have our own testimony only when we walk in His presence and keep His commandments. Each time we partake of sacrament worthily our testimony increases; each time we do temple worship our testimony improves; each time we strive to keep the gospel standards we strengthen our testimony. Brothers and sisters as we keep one of the Lord’s commandments we gain the testimony of the power and influence of God in our lives. We become firm and steadfast in the gospel and earn great blessings for this act and, consequently, we add to and reinforce our personal testimony.

The Apostle Peter was asked by the Savior, after working closely with Him, whom he thinks Jesus Christ is (Mathew 16:15). A similar question is posed to us as followers of Jesus Christ. Most of the time we follow Christ but we may not know who He is. The question was asked Peter as the chief Apostle.  Brothers and sisters we are followers of Jesus Christ and should declare boldly and always who Christ is.  In answering this question with a sure power of knowledge, Peter responded that –“Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God”   Matthew 16:16.

As we learn of who Christ is, the truth about this distills upon us, our testimony becomes stronger and we become faithful sons and daughters of God.  No matter what our circumstances might be in the kingdom, if we have a testimony it becomes difficult to be offended and then fall less active.  We individually need strong testimonies to seek out our personal salvation.

I testify of the divinity of our relationship with the Almighty God and His only Begotten, even Jesus Christ.  Our testimony increases as we live the gospel and we gain the assurance of His favor and mercy upon us.

Elder Frederick Akinbo

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Testimony of Prophets and Missionary Work

I am so grateful for the prophet of the God.  He is an inspiration to the saints and we love him so much. It is a great opportunity the Lord has given me, as a twelve year old girl, to be able to prepare to serve a mission when I am of the age. I look forward to preaching the gospel to the people where I am called  and encouraging the saints to partake of the blessings associated with the gospel.

Akinbo, Tollulope

12 years. Benin City, Nigeria