Testimony of Sandra

This is actually not the first time I’ve been to the Temple. Indeed, I knew the Temple to be the House of God.

On my first visit to the House of the Lord my parents, who were also newly baptized members at the time, were not supportive.  My father told me that I should not go to Aba along with other members of our ward.  When I insisted that I needed to go he dared me to not come back to his house if I disobeyed him.  But I knew that I should go to the Temple, my father’s stance notwithstanding.

On the way to the Temple, I was scared, not knowing what would happen when I returned in a few days time.  But I knew I made the right choice, and believed that God would see me through.  I could not resist the wonderful things I had heard about the Temple.  I wanted to know it for myself; to see the beautiful and heavenly place where the spirit of God dwells.

Truly, when got to the Temple, I forgot all my fears.  I was awe-stricken by the peace and serenity of it and the extreme love of members from other places.  There was no place in my mind now to recall the threats issued by my dad, that I should not come back to my family.  I never called home because I knew not what my father would say to me.

It was a remarkable visit that aroused my desire to pay more visits to the place in future.  I also looked forward to the day I should qualify for my own ordinances.  

The first miracle of my temple visit was the warm reception that my father gave me.  Despite his threats, I knew I had to go home to my family.   Surprisingly, on getting home with fear still in mind, I saw my father with a smile on his face, and he said to me, “Welcome home, how was your journey?”

 I was surprised. but also very happy that a part of my prayers were answered.  After sharing my temple experiences with them, and how beautiful and wonderful the place is, they immediately decided that they would go to temple to be sealed as a family along with all my siblings.

This strengthened my testimony of the temple, and indeed my joy was full for my prayers had been answered.  Furthermore, I took it upon myself to make the necessary sacrifices to always attend the temple because it is indeed A PEARL OF GREAT PRICE to me.