The Conversion of Joseph

The Conversion of Joseph

My companion, Elder Peterson, and I were both new to the area. We had spent some weeks contacting and finding, with little success. At one point we met a woman named Blessing. She showed a general interest in our message, particularly the Book of Mormon, but eventually, she lost the desire to meet with us.

One hot afternoon, we found ourselves walking past Blessing's home. As we passed, an elderly man walked out the door and called to us. 'Why have you been neglecting my daughter?' he asked. We explained that she didn't want to meet with us anymore, and began to explain who we were. His annoyed expression turned to a smile when he calmly said, 'Actually, I would like to meet with you some time. I have been reading the book you gave her, and I want to know more.' We gladly set a time to meet with Joseph, as he introduced himself, though I personally didn't expect anything to happen.

As we met with Joseph that Friday, I sensed something unique in his countenance. He readily accepted all of our commitment invitations. 'When I come see the Church,' he said, 'I will know if it is God's true Church.' Referring to the Book of Mormon he told us, 'If this book really is from God, I know he can tell me.' His faith was an inspiration and strength to me at this time when no one else seemed interested.

Joseph visited the Church, read and prayed about the Book of Mormon. He kept our visits busy with wonderful questions, and insightful observations. One night he told us of an experience that had happened to him previous to our meeting him.

He told us how he had been dreaming one night that he was in his home village. He strolled off in the jungle, when several people from the village came running to him. 'There are two white men here to see you!' one of them said. Confused, Joseph replied, 'I don't know any white people.' 'But they know you!' the people insisted. 'They told us that they are looking for Joseph Agboada.' Still confused he returned to the village to see these two strangers. At this point Joseph's voice became still. Then he whispered, 'Those two white men I saw in my dream were you and Elder Peterson.'

After a month of learning, preparing, and repenting, Joseph entered into the waters of baptism. Each time I see Joseph at church or in his home. I think of the Apostle Paul's explanation of how we become 'new creatures' when we are baptized.

I know for myself that baptism into Jesus Christ's Church is necessary for our progression and happiness. l know God prepares people in multiple ways to accept his servants. This is my testimony as well as my privilege.