United in the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Nsawam Branch of Ofankor Ghana Stake hosted a group of 18 accounting students from Brigham Young University Provo for a YSA Devotional.  The BYU students were in Ghana as part of the BYU Accounting Seminar.  

Several YSA’s commented on the devotional experience and what they felt from attending.  These comments included “our focus should be Eternal Life, the musical numbers were great, the testimonies blessed all of our lives and even though we come from various cultures and backgrounds, the church unites us with something we all have in common.”

Prior to the devotional, the BYU students took a trip up the Volta River and stayed overnight at a local village for an authentic cultural experience.  The students will spend several weeks in Ghana to assist the Deseret Hospital with streamlining accounting processes and to enhance record keeping strategies. They will during their stay spend some time at Ensign & Days for Girls College.


The devotional was well attended.  The branch YSA’s and students spent several hours together.  The devotional began with a hymn and prayer.  Several musical numbers were provided by branch YSA’s as well as a song from the students.  Several testimonies were said and President George Thompson, 2nd Counselor in the Ofankor Stake Presidency introduced each of the students to the Nsawam Branch YSA’s.  The evening concluded with remarks from Elder and Sister Pierce, Africa West Area YSA Senior Missionaries and President Jonathan Adu Gyamfi, Nsawam Branch President.  All in attendance enjoyed refreshments and had the opportunity to mingle and learn more about each other.  Eugene, the branch YSA representative along with their YSA group did a wonderful job organizing and arranging the program and facilities for this activity