Virtual Study: Africa West Area S&I Students’ Share Experience. 

'Seek learning, even by study and also by Faith”


“And as all have not faith, seek ye diligently and teach one another words of wisdom; yea, seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom; seek learning, even by study and also by faith”. (Doctrine & Covenants 88:118)

Seminary and Institute students' in Africa West Area has seized the opportunity of COVID-19 challenge to study online.  Students' share testimonies and blessings below;


Bismark Semanhyia(Ahenema Kokoben ward, Kumasi Bantama stake)

 As a young man who has newly returned home from the Nigeria Enugu Mission to a family where my faith is strange to everyone, there were many ideas and plans running through my mind. Where and how to start was the only question popping through my mind every day. Shortly after a few days, I was added to the Institute Class in my ward on WhatsApp, where assignments are given every week for us to study and solve.

  I must confess that though we live in a world of hardships, where the world has to battle with a deadly virus called Corona (COVID 19) but the Lord is still hastening His work of salvation (D&C 88:73). Having to study scriptures every day has really boosted my spirituality level. After submitting an assignment on the first vision and after a heartfelt prayer, I felt the impression that I should approach my elder sister and her family who am living with and introduce them to the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Church. I did it and I was so happy the many questions she had about the church even before I left for the mission was resolved by the help of the Holy Ghost. She has for some time stopped going to her church because of some misunderstandings. I used the opportunity to invite her to church and she promised to come after the crises is calmed and controlled. The Institute class has really strengthened my faith and has shown me many means to invite others to the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Despite the hardships and the oppositions, I know with all my heart that the work of the Lord will still move forward. Now, I have been able to create a plan to diligently assist the Lord is hastening His work. I know He is mindful of His children and I love Him with all my heart.

George Wilson Nagbe(Thinker's Village Ward, Paynesville Stake)

I am grateful for the online classes of institute despite the corona pandemic.

It has helped me to continue my gospel learning and strengthen my faith and increase my knowledge in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Especially those topics that were taught have made me be strong in covenants keeping regardless of the situations.

Online classes have given me more opportunities to fulfill my scriptures study goals even in this deadly crisis.

I have learned to always hearken to the voice of the Lord's Prophets, to be honest in my deeds, to recognize my weaknesses and continue trusting in the Lord's healing power and the teachings of my priesthood leaders.

Princess Beyorplue Kellie(Paynesville 2nd ward, Paynesville Liberia stake.)

My name is Jeremiah Robert from SINKOR ward, I bear you my humble testimony that the online institute has really helped me, especially during this global epidemic. It has helped me to feel much more closer to my Heavenly Father, it has also helped me to feel that my proposed on this Earth is to do nothing but to love my creator and follow his plans for me. It has also helped me to meet with many of my friends, and my family members who are far away from me. It has helped me to feel that even in times of sicknesses and diseases our Heavenly Father plans for us must be carried out at all costs. The online institute also makes me feel that indeed our Heavenly Father will always make a for his children even when there is no way out, and it also makes me believe more and more that what all the scriptures said will definitely come to pass even if it takes one million years.

Jeremiah Robert(Benin City West CR)

Imagine you are a right-handed person and in a blink of an eye you were to start afresh using your left hand. How would that feel? Difficult right but not entirely impossible.

That's exactly how I felt when I was to switch from the physical institute class to the online institute class especially during this period of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was funny at first participating in the opening formalities via chats and voice notes but with time, the class seems normal, just with the exception of being physically present. We prayed, discussed and felt the spirit as we all shared our thoughts and experiences.

I know that we can still make the institute a great part of our lives notwithstanding the difficulties and tribulations that surround us. Let us let the light of Christ continue to shine bright especially in periods like this when hope seems dim.

 Endurance Iboi(Nigeria Benin City Ugbowo)

 Institute has served as a reminder for me to stay close to my scriptures. This has given me a spiritual boost. We were asked during our last class to share thoughts and feelings and what we learned during the general conference. It was a special experience for me.

 Ayabowei Enewarekpemi Sunny(Nigeria Warri)

Institute Classes have been one of my pillars in staying strong, I feel strengthened like as if I partook of the sacrament after each meeting. I felt very happy when I was added to the online institute class. Increased my scripture studies and I felt the spirit more during this lockdown because of this class. I also love discussing with my friends.


  Efe William Aiguedowan (Nigeria Benin City Ugbowo)

I am grateful for the online class that was spiritually designed by our teachers. Through the online classes, I've been able to know that there are diverse means whereby we can learn and still stay connected to our Heavenly Father. It's wonderful to see meaningful contributions coming from both the teacher and the students. As I prepare spiritually to attend an online class, it does not look as if I am doing a different thing at all because I still learn more about the Gospel. I'm so grateful to God for this privilege that has been provided, indeed the church is true.

 Vivian Felix(Nigeria Warri)

It has really been nice for me to have been part of this online class, especially in this lockdown period. I am not actually the type that talks in class, but this online class has helped me to study more and answer questions. It has blessed my life in a unique way.

Andy Mieye(Nigeria Warri)

It is indeed a wonderful privilege to have a whole week to talk about a topic unlike having one day to discuss a topic which sometimes it is not enough. This online institute has blessed me a lot by giving me more time to study, read my fellow classmates’ opinions, those who don't comment in class now have something to say. These online classes have given me great joy knowing that the pandemic could not stop the work of the Lord.


Nancy Atorerefa Popo(Nigeria Warri)

'These past weeks have been really challenging for me. Aside from the pandemic, I have been a little lost somewhere, somehow in my thoughts.
But, with this initiative, my thoughts are been filled with the most assuring feeling that the Lord is mindful of me. And all He wants for me is to read, ponder and hear Him in-depth in this time of commotion. I testify that the Lord will continue to arm us with the righteousness that we may not fall into great despair.'

 Oghenekevwe Blessing George(Nigeria Warri)

This online institute class has helped me a lot in terms of my spirituality because everyone shares what they learn and it adds more knowledge to me, it helps me to understand that wherever I am I can learn the gospel. I so much love the class.



 I have experienced a more influential influence of the holy ghost in teaching my very being the undiluted gospel of JESUS CHRIST. I’m the very type of person that has never stay a day without involving myself in one church activity or the other even when am not in good health I still find my way fulfilling my church callings, attending sacrament meetings, home evenings and most of all institute classes for it has been my greatest strength even as a student in a university far from my homeward. As a result of the pandemic and the instructions from the prophets and the quorum of the twelve apostles to all members of the church to stay off from all church activities except sacrament to be taken once a month, I really felt so bad and weak, I felt how will I ever cope knowing fully well I can't stay off without attending institute classes a week but couldn't do more than listen to the prophet voice. A week passed by, days and  I found myself in my room studying all by myself it's really felt OK but its wasn't as inspiring as the evening in a classroom with other student and sharing thoughts and inspirations from the holy ghost.

Until one day I was called by my S&I COORDINATOR BROTHER ETIM MBORA TO CREATE A WHATSAPP GROUP AND NAME IT EKPOMA STAKE INSTITUTE CLASS AND ADD ALL AGE INSTITUTE STUDENTS and that the brethren have asked we start having an online class to study the gospel together. I immediately yield the call to do as I was instructed but felt it wasn't going to be as interesting and inspiring as meeting physically in a classroom. But lo and behold I wasn't proven wrong when I asked to make the class as active as possible that with that, we can have a great and inspiring and spirit-filled class. Yes I bear my testimony, I felt the spirit moving in my very being, my soul was humbled, my eyes were open and I marvel to the extent that I couldn't stop talking about the institute for the first day to other students who were not online, telling them and bearing my testimony that they are missing so much if they aren't participating in the class. They immediately asked for the group link to join and lo and behold again, they could and were able to testify of the same feelings I felt during the class. It was as if we were all in the class, even larger in numbers than ever before sharing our testimonies and contributing as the spirit gave utterance.

Ever since then I look forward to every Tuesday classes with so much anxiety and expectations and to be completely honest my week, as I follow up on online class assignment and looking forward to the other class online as made my days in STAY AT HOME ORDER BEEN FULFILLED, UPLIFTING, INSPIRING, BOREDOM HAS BEEN KILLED AND MY GOSPEL STUDYING AND LEARNING INCREASES EVERY WEEK TO THE OTHER WEEK. I testify that indeed the Lord has called and Inspired leaders to guide us despise the situation of the world even in pains, Isolation and so on He has found a way out to keep us filled with the spirit. Indeed, no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing is my TESTIMONY IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, AMEN.


Hello, my name is David Samuel King am a pathway connect student and I just moved into semester 3 and some of the powerful tools that has been keeping me moving and even closer to the Savior Jesus Christ is the opportunity to meet every week for our gathering to strengthen each other, and part of the gathering agenda is an hour of Institute class which I love so much because it gives me the chance to learn more about my Savior. But due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 all gathering including BYU gathering were suspended, this resulted in our leaders to switch all classes online just so we keep moving

  Honestly, when we were told of the online classes, we were kind of doubtful about how it will be possibly thinking of the society where we found ourselves accessing the internet is a big challenge. But notwithstanding we accepted the challenge in faith, and we prepare for our first online gathering, which turns out to be a great experience and very interacting. Now am a big beneficiary of the online class because of the following reasons. Firstly, it has helped me to stay at home not worrying to move for classes but just seat in my room and have my class without any physical contact which is just another way of preventing the COVID-19 virus. Secondly, I now have more time to go through the assigned scriptures to discover doctrines and principles for myself. This is truly enriching my testimony and gospel foundation. It has also help me in using my time wisely, finally, our online class has exposed me to share my insights with a lot of other students. As I read the comments from our instructor and my fellow students my testimony is watered minutes by minutes.

       The online class has really help me strengthen my faith in the Savior Jesus Christ even as I try to do my scripture reading assignment during weaker days I notice in the course of the week that I have something that keeps me going as I find wonderful stories about people who have gone through what we are experiencing. This knowledge alone brings comfort and peace to me. The online class has made it possible to continue learning and have my daily scripture studies, which has to help me to maintain my spirituality and covenant path.



I want to give my testimony that there is no end to learning. Institute class has really blessed me & I have been imparted with so much knowledge of things I never knew. Institute class has increased my understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ and my deep love for Him. I have come to draw closer to Him. It has also taught me how to always remember the covenant I made with him in the temple. Institute class has also blessed me in a way because I have come to make good friends who I have come to love. Now to this lockdown, Online institute class has been very helpful because it made me still stay connected with my friends and learning from the gospel. My knowledge has increased more as I learn and contribute to it. I have felt closer to my Heavenly Father and His Son. I am so grateful for our beloved Prophet for making it possible for me to continue to learn at home through online institute class even as I stay home. It has helped me both spiritually & temporarily.

Chukwukerem Chukwuemeka Noel.

When this pandemic started, and the Church suspended all gatherings including the institute, it was a difficult thing for me to bear. For most of us, the institute is not just a place to come and learn the gospel...but it is also a place of uplifting socialization. I wondered how I had a deal with the lockdown. I was very happy the day President Ayodele Ojulari reactivated our almost dead group. We even had our classes online. It was so nice reading the comments from my friends as they shared their thoughts about the topic that was discussed. I felt the same spirit. I was inspired and motivated to face the whole issue positively. It also served as a type of reminder to keep my covenants as well. I still prefer the physical gathering type of institute to the online one. But I am still grateful for both. I know the Lord is mindful of us and He always creates ways for us to learn of Him. I humbly testify in Jesus Christ's name! Amen.


Moses Bujuni.

So far, so good. The online classes have been really helpful to me. This is because, mostly when I’m supposed to walk to the chapel or the institute center for institute classes, I feel very lazy to go and sometimes I don’t go at all. But now that we are having the classes online, It’s easy for me to join wherever I am, and coming online is very easy for me because I am always using my phone except when I do not have data.

Also, the online class gives me the opportunity to contribute and share my thoughts freely during classes. Sometimes it’s very difficult to contribute in the real classroom but having the class virtually makes me more comfortable sharing my thoughts.

I feel that the online class is very good but the only challenge is that sometimes we do not get data to come online to participate and also messages from our friends and other groups also distracts us a lot. 

I know that these virtual classes will help us in times like these and also help us use our time more wisely.


 Julius Azameti(Ghana)

The online institute class has benefited me greatly. Before the online class, I did miss most of the institute classes. Work and lectures were taking most of my time. I sometimes get to institute late and so tied and I hardly understand what has been taught. But with the online studies, I sit in the comfort of my home, get myself in tune with the spirit and follow everything that is being discussed online. I am always edified after class. And I sometimes wish we wouldn't close. I am happy and grateful for the help of technology in this time. It enables us to get connected with friends and families and share ideas about our Savior Jesus Christ, even online. I am also thankful for my instructor for making this possible

Martha(Ghana, Tesano)

It became my greatest desire to join the institute as soon as I graduate from young women to the young single adult class

I joined the institute at my pathway gathering site. It was quite difficult for me because I had to travel for close to two hours before I get to institute class. I sometimes get there late due to the long journey I had to travel.

Until this global pandemic where we had to do our institute class online. It had been both challenging and fun. I sometimes face a problem with my network or in most cases wouldn't be online at the time of institute because I would at that time be busy with housework. But the exciting part of it is I get to know what was taught and ideas shared later when I go online. I also get the chance to share mine and read testimonies of other colleagues that helps to strengthen my testimony as well.

Online institute, I'll say, has been a great experience as I have come to learn great things by both my instructor and colleagues. It is in institute class that I understood the counsel's President Gordon B Hinckley gave to the youth of the church on staying morally clean.

I know with no doubt that when I go to the Lord in meekness asking him to lead me just like the Brother of Jared, He will surely direct me to the path of righteousness. I know and want to tell all that the institute class is the right place to understand the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know the Lord gives revelation to His prophet and Apostles to lead His church. I have a strong testimony that institute class bring blessings to my life and prepare me for the future. This I share in the name of our dear Jesus Christ. Amen

Sophia Nanayaa Tetteh  Tesano Ward , Tesano Stake ..

Institute class has been one of my favorites, because, that is where I get to learn more about the gospel from my instructors and also the contributions from my colleagues in the class. I have myself enrolled in most of the class at the S&I, which had shaped me very well, Not just a mere saying, and am so much grateful for the instructors I had. During this pandemic, after the announcement from President Nelson for us not to go to church again, I was really hurt, I thought about it, how are we going to have an institute, Outreach, Book of Mormon class, and Presidents of the church? but little did I know that our leaders have plans for us and they love us and are mindful of us, so we continued with all these class on Watsap, and it’s has been SUPER AMAZING ✨.. the only difference is that we don’t meet physically... but one Advantage of it is that, before, we didn’t really have a lot of attendants because of school and work. But now we have a lot of people participating, which has also brought in more contributions from them, it has really helped me, personally, because, I have had the chance to learn from different people with different ideas and has helped me positively, and has also improved my spirituality, I know am writing too much, than you were really expecting 😊.. I know that, the Atonement is real, and Jesus Christ died for me so I can be saved and that if I heed to the teachings have had from my leaders in the church, and put it into whatsoever am teaching,I will be blessed 🙏Also, is through this classes, that I finally got my role model and someone living an exemplary life for me to emulate, am soo much grateful for having her in my Life 🙏... Sister Agnes Aidoo... she has really been a good source of inspiration.. and am soo pleased for having her as an instructor and a chaperone 😊😊... she has really put in much effort to gather all of us each and every day to join the class ... I know the church is true, and my leaders are indeed called of God  and I am soooo  grateful for being a Member .. I love the church and am grateful for how its teachings have made me to become .i know this to be true and live it in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

Felicia Nelly Gokah

Our virtual institute class has been inspiring and a source of great joy.

I'm particularly intrigued by the contributions of those who couldn't make it to our regular meeting times in school. I've learned much from them. Especially the contributions and testimonies of Elder and Sis Fry.

And I like the fact that I can go back and read the contributions of others over and over again. It's like nobody misses out and nobody is left out.

So the WhatsApp class has given me the opportunity to learn each and every day, rather than waiting for a particular day to go to class and learn. It has also helped me openly ask questions bothering me and freely expressing myself and sharing experiences without shyness. This class has also helped me learn more for myself than initially going to class and letting the instructor do all the talking. Through these things, my knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has deepened and I've seen effectiveness in my personal study.

LENGA Jeanne Haydee.

As for the online class, I like it😍, I feel it even better than the face to face class cos many people can now participate in the class. And their contribution is just perfect. I love the class seriously, I am learning a lot. Sometimes I don't even talk because what is going on in the class is entering my spirit. The class still spiritual, funny, and it helps me to enjoy the lockdown period.

Grace Ekua Aidoo.

So through online institute ..I've been able to invite friends for institute ..friends I couldn't invite before. I’m able to share my experiences ...and most of all has brought my siblings and I closer (since they joined institute online with me)..we always look forward to every Thursday ..the uplifting stories and testimonies from my LDSSA friends makes me feel I belong and make me want to be better always.

Justice Asamoah Aidoo

So in all, I will say that the online institute class has helped me to improve on my missionary work. Why? This is because many of my nonmember friends who were not coming to the institute when I invited them because they thought that the time and also the distance to the place so weren't coming. Now since being online, they do not complain of me adding them to the group, making them also to know of the truth. This doesn't end in the group but mostly after every class will also strive to know more by asking me personally and through my personal testimonies and also testimonies from the prophet which I do share with them, they mostly have answers to their questions. And it has also helped to clear some misconceptions and doubt that they had about the church.

Daniel Kalu Johnson

I am so happy and grateful to have the restored gospel that has tremendously blessed my life and my family. Learning the gospel is something that I derive great joy from and the institute has been a wonderful program established by the Lord through his servants in these last days. It gives me great joy that the heavenly Father always provides a way for his children to accomplish the things which he commanded them. Even in this challenging time, the Lord provided a medium where we can still learn his gospel. Attending institute via WhatsApp has been a blessing to me and has been a great source of hope and strength to me during this time of the global COVID 19 PERDENMIC going on.  My life has been richly blessed and I thank the Lord and my leaders for such a wonderful opportunity for us to still gather online and increase our faith and testimonies of the restored gospel. Our instructors are wonderful people and have demonstrated great love and care for each individual. They still do their best to minister to the one and help us grow. Institute has truly blessed my life


 Harriet Ayisi ( Alajo ward).

I have never been so focused on joining the online institute. At the beginning I thought it wouldn't be nice, because we often go online to chat and all, and so alternating it into the gospel seemed impossible. I have come to learn how to use the internet in the gospel way, also have I gotten the chance to read detailed contributions and testimony from my colleagues. I testify of the sweet feeling that comes from online institute class, it brings us more closely to our savior and also to our selves. contributions shared on online institutes gives me hope even at this moment when all hope is lost which fulfills the scripture that the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly and independent, till it has penetrated every continent and till the purposes of God shall be accomplished.


 Charles Osei-Brobbey  

 I must say it wasn't a difficult invitation to accept because of the rapport we have with her, and the unity among the class members. Though it's virtual, I have received a few reminders from the class members and even the instructor, which makes it real.

I have been benefiting from the class a lot and I will list some of the benefits.

1. It's a spiritual opportunity to still share views and ideas about the Gospel. One fear when we were asked to break from school and even church was how to still connect together as a campus family.  As expected, the Lord came to our aid through the intervention of this virtual class. So I am able to feel my campus family close and enjoy the laugh we have like it was a real class.

2.  I am persuaded to learn and prepare for class. I thought I was having a holiday with assignments from AA (that's how I call my instructor Aunty Aggie), but the class still gives me the pressure to learn and prepare for class. So I am grateful because I feel active in studying the scriptures.

3. Lastly, I am able to share my insights with the class. That, to me is fulfilling. When you study and keep your ideas or impressions to yourself, I don't see that as fulfilling. So, when I am able to share my idea, I feel fulfilled and happy.

I pray I continue to feel the love and spirit always during the virtual class.


Nnenna Eke(Prestigious Calabar Campus Institute of Religion.)

I have felt so happy since we started this online class because I feel I have no reason to miss out on my classes again or complain about transportation or time cause it is right in front of me my classes are at my peak.


 Happiness Uyok(The Prestigious Calabar Campus)

The online institute studies are a blessing regardless of the COVID-19 I still learn more and even contribute frequently than in face to face class why because of time. Why time it’s because all students might not have the chance of telling their insight and I do think well before I could give any contribution. It’s nice to have an online institute class because not all the time I do have transport to the institute building even when I have the desire to I love this great opportunity that Heavenly Father has given me to still study and keep His commandments continually until this pandemic is over.







Samuel Iwejuo, Osisioma, 1st Ward, Aba Nigeria North Stake.

Aba Nigeria institute of religion class online has blessed my life with more strong desire and joy to do the Lord's work and be his witness, it has also increased my testimonies of the Lord kingdom that no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing and I testify that indeed I have learned that the purpose of technology is to hasten the work of salvation, I know that the saints are still United throw technology, I have learned of Jesus Christ and his gospel purpose more, I know am hold strong in the fold through technology in this period of trouble and sickness, I know these things are true.   


Prosper Ogbonna, Ngwa Umuogelle Ward, Aba Ogbor Hill Nigeria Stake.

We live in the time spoken of by the prophets, a time of great turmoil and great pandemic. The Lord promised that when we see these times, he said, 'Stand in Holy places and be not moved.' The online institute has provided me the opportunity to 'Stand in Holy places and be not moved.' I have been blessed with the knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ even as I have been participating in these online classes from the comfort of my own home. Indeed, the Divine purpose of technology is to hasten the work of salvation. I am grateful we have a living prophet.


Amah Kalu Junior, Aba Central Ward, Aba Nigeria South Stake.

I already know that Heavenly Father is always mindful of us and He wants us to learn and grow spiritually, irrespective of the pandemic. I am so much grateful for the things we've learned in our online institute class during this time, our instructors are wonderful, they teach with love.  My testimony grows each day as we come online to teach one another the doctrine of salvation. I so much love our eternal marriage class; I've learned about the things I should seek for while choosing my eternal companion. Watching the conference live with my institute mates has also blessed my life and I know that it has changed their lives too. I testify that we are in the right fold and that we will never get lost if we adhere to the teachings thereof. 



Lucirose Daniel Iweh, Aba Nigeria institute of Religion.

Myself, family and friends have been blessed with the ongoing condition of a thing, that is to say, that this is the lord's church and that God can't let what we can handle come over us, He would always provide a way for us to do that which he desireth of us,   The online institute class has been a source of strength, As I have no other place to meet my friends and share thought this time around, so as we learn each week of those things we've been thought, it acts as my gentle reminder, indeed I can feel Heavenly Father's tremendous love towards me, The live board cast gave me the opportunity to share thoughts with my nonmember friends even as I invited them to join in the worldwide fast which they did with one accord, this period has shown me the peace and unity that we really need to build Zion. I know we have a living prophet here on earth, I love him so much, am happy for my membership in the church of Jesus Christ of latter saints, indeed am blessed, I know all this to be true.


Elizabeth Nwankwo, Ehere Ward, Aba Ogbor Hill Stake.

I testify that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that His gospel is the standard of truth today. The Lord called Joseph Smith to be His prophet, seer, and revelator in the latter days, and He continues to call living prophets and apostles to guide His Church.

I pray that this volume will enlarge your understanding of the past, strengthen your faith, and help you make and keep the covenants that lead to exaltation and eternal life. The online class is a blessing to me.


Ifeanyi Kalu Ogbonna. Eziama Ward, Aba Nigeria South Stake.

He Knows the Best for Us: I must say I’m full of felicity being part of this program. During this global pandemic which appears as a moment of reflection and soberness, Our Heavenly Father through social media has blessed my life and has proven to me that there is nothing He cannot do to keep His Children connected to the Gospel. I know that Online Institute Learning (OIL), is a harmonized platform that allows the student to connect, build, and strengthen their faith together.

I know that the only way in which we can recognize our full potential and uniqueness is by “doing it” when the Lord commands through our leaders. Doing it the outward expression of your inner desire to be submissive to the Lord. Let’s learn of Him and have those unique qualities (Christlike Attribute) …improve on it and you will find everlasting happiness.



 Bah Segba Buduburam 1 winneba stake.

The on line Seminary has help me still close to the scriptures, because I always find myself playing football and my daddy with always remind me to go to Seminary class which was too hard for me because I have just started the Seminary class this school year, but the most important things is the coronavirus which has cost people to still home, that has also help me to keep close to studying the scriptures and holding strong to my covenant, and also seeing my father teaching me sent the online Seminary being has been a blessing in my life to always be close to him, I know in this time of trouble this is a great and perfect way that heavenly Father has proper for his children through our beloved prophet for us to keep learning his words, and stay on the covenant part.

Gordfred Mbroh(Swedru 2nd Ward)

My testimony is strengthened as I study and watch the book of Mormon videos online. I am always happy and blessed even in this pandemic era, because of the online seminary. I know Jesus Christ lives and loves us.


Justice Nimakoh

growing up in the church as a youth and now an adult has given me privileges and many opportunities to learn in the church. I grew up attending seminary every day even serve as class president, it was a privilege for me to learn more in the church. Seminary even prepared me to serve a full-time mission and now an institute student. Using the electronics has helped me continue my studies regardless of this chronic disease found in the world today. I have learned how to use electronics even if there is a lockdown in the church. I know that in as much as I press forward with faith and steadfastness in Christ and keeping my baptismal covenant I will eternal life. Institute had also helped me to know that no matter the situation my source of hope is our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ and that I can go back to them by hearken and hear their instructions from the prophet even our local leaders of the church. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

EMMANUEL BOATENG(Nkanfoa Ward Institute.)

Doing institute via WhatsApp has and is still keeping the gospel fresh in my mind, when I listen to the news, visit social media apps and listen to friends I feel afraid knowing the things going own in the world today. but among all this, the 1 to 2 hours I meet with other YSA's on Saturdays evenings in our WhatsApp group helps to take my mind from the things of the world and focus on the Saviour the peacemaker and the love of God.

I am grateful for the opportunity to WhatsApp for the institute even when we are directed to stay at home.

KOUAKOU N'DA KOLLOU ALFRED(Niangon South Stake, Ivory coast)

In this though moment of great tribulations, it was difficult for me to imagine myself away from the gospel most especially Institute courses. This new way of doing institute through WhatsApp has really help me put aside fear and be filled with faith. His teaching reminds me always to be the best person I can, to, despite this lockdown honor my calling, pray daily and remain in the covenant part. It has driven me near to my Scriptures. Encouraging my classmates every day to perform their duties gives me joy and feelings of calling fulfillment even though I'm away from the church building. I'm well-armed to face this difficult time with hope and faith. I can't wait to see church services commence.
I'm grateful to God and the authorities for this means provided to enable me/us to be in touch constantly with the teachings of the savior.


 Achy Angenor, Angre 1st Ward, Dokui Ivory Coast Stake

During this period of lockdown, attending to institute class online has really blessed my life, it has really helped me to understand more about Jesus Christ’s love, and how I could get closer to Christ and rely on the spirit to make a better decision in this tithe period, and also the importance of always follow the recommendations of the Prophets. I really testify that Jesus is Christ the son of God and loves me as I love him, and cares and mindful of each one of us, and Prophet Nelson is truly called of God to guide us, this I know to be true in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.


 Ebenezer Lappia, 2 Plateaux Ward, Cocody Stake

In this period where all our activities had been shut down,  church activities,  and meetings are closed we do not have the opportunity to reunite with our brothers and sisters from institute to share experiences and testimonies but by God's grace, we live in modern days where technology has enabled us to meet no matter the distance, through zoom application we share our gospel insight, ask questions it really helped me to know that my brethren of the priesthood are around it was a wonderful experience we were all happy ...

 Georges Yannick N’Guessan, 2 Plateaux Ward, Cocody Stake

Our Savior Jesus Christ continue to show us his pure love by having the online institute class it's a blessing our savior is still nourishing us with the word through technology and his valiant instructors and it grows my faith in him I know that my redeemer lives and his people with never of ignorance.




I feel one of the greatest tasks of this period of isolation has been,  been able to engage my self into something that will aspire my day and  Institute and Come Follow Me, stand out for me but most importantly, the online classes have helped me feel more comfortable, enriched and edified and have also strengthened my testimony of the restoration and of the living prophet (standard of truth by—Joseph Smith, 1842) I know that I can gain more light as I continue to engage in classes and improve my spiritual capacity. (1 Nephi 3:7).


Oluwatosin Damilola MESE(ABUJA-NIGERIA.)

In what would have resulted into reluctant personal scripture study, distractions from keeping the focus on the Saviour and losing the joy of fellowship due to the current lockdown, the online institute class has helped me to listen and share the beautiful thoughts of other brethren on gospel topics while affording me a good opportunity to also share mine and happily read the scriptures.

I bear my testimony that no power can stop the progress of the Lord’s work for I know it will go on and continue to grow and bless the lives of people as it has continued to bless me.





The world is grappling with an invisible enemy which has led so many countries to lockdown and regular life seems to have ground to a halt. Ghana is no exception as I found myself in one of the lockdown areas after activities of schools were halted. Amidst all this turmoil, it’s very astonishing to see how leaders and members of the church are doing all they can to keep to their covenants and continually trust in the Lord.

Friday evenings happen to be when we meet as a young single adult for the eternal marriage class. Due to the threat posed by COVID-19 and the directive to stay at home, our gathering as a class seems not to be humanly possible in this difficult time. With the continual inspirations from the Lord, the instructors resorted to the use of online platforms like zoom and WhatsApp for us to continually study and interact with each other.

In one of our classes, we discussed the topic “money and marriage” as a lot of insights and experiences were shared on the platforms to help us continue to know what the Lord would want us to do. On that faithful Friday evening as I study with my colleagues online, I felt this great peace of mind and I realized in a very subtle feeling that indeed God loves us and will continue to direct us towards the right paths no matter what the challenges may be. The discussion that evening was the only thing that runs through my mind that day until I went to sleep.

I realized from this experience that no matter what the circumstances we find ourselves, we can continually do what we know to be right, share our testimonies to the people we can reach out to and be a light that beacons hope in the lives of people.

The world may be in despair, lives may be at a standstill, our faith may be challenged and pushed to the core but one thing I know and believe in is that the redeeming and merciful alms of the Lord is not far from us and He will succor for us in this time too as he did for those in the primitive days.