Winneba Ghana Stake YSA Devotional with Elder and Sister Pierce

The devotional was organized with the intent of equipping the YSAs with the basic elements and principles of the 2017 Africa West Area plan, especially as related to the YSA. To this end, Elder and Sister Pierce, Area Senior Couple assigned to the YSA were called upon to act as facilitators.

The devotional was held on Saturday, 20th May 2017 at the Swedru 2nd Ward Meeting house, Swedru. President Enoch Sam, first counselor in the Winneba Ghana Stake Presidency presided, with Brother Daniel Fiifi Yankson, the high councillor assigned to the YSA conducting the session. Also in attendance was Bishop Jerriscot Mensah, the host Bishop.

The meeting began at about 9:30 am with the congregation singing hymn #8- Awake and Arise. Brother Emmanuel Bonku conducted the hymn and Sister Gifty Dadzie offered the invocation. At the organ was Sister Pierce.

After a couple of announcements and reminders from President Sam, Elder and Sister Pierce, took the stage to instruct on the 2017 Africa West area plan. They touched on the principle of “one-take-one” and the central role of the YSA in the plan. They took turns instructing on the YSA-relevant aspects of the plan. They reiterated the need for units to hold YSA Sunday school classes, weekly family home evenings and activities. They observed that YSA activities should be planned with a gospel purpose in mind.

To drum home the messages, Elder and Sister Pierce facilitated a role play on how to make YSAs feel valued and welcomed at Sunday School classes (what a successful Sunday school looks like).

photo 2

In his concluding remarks, President Sam admonished all YSAs to exemplify what they have learnt. He challenged all YSAs present to go out and fish out for their less active friends, take them by the hand and bring them back to the fold (one-take-one). This, he revealed, will bless the lives of all.

We concluded the devotional by singing hymn #248- Up, Awake Ye Defenders of Zion; Brother Nana Banyin Arthur gave the Benediction. The devotional came to an end at around 10:30 am to make way for a wedding ceremony at the venue. About 70 YSAs participated in the devotional.  Below are some impressions shared by some YSAs:

“The devotional was very inspiring. Elder and Sister Pierce reminded us of our roles to take the less active YSAs to the gospel” (Bro Colins).

“For me, I was so inspired by the instructions about the Sunday school classes; how teachers can welcome people when they come to the classes. I am thus challenged to think about my less active friends and to find ways of bringing them back to the fold. I think I am blessed to have come to the devotional to hear and learn these wonderful messages” (Bro Gay).

“I learnt new things. I was reminded about temple marriage, the importance of being married and sealed to our spouse, and without this we can’t be exalted and so at least we can put that in our minds so that we can work on it; and also taking people who are weak and bringing them back to the fold” (Sister Regina).