Winneba Stake and Asamankese District Joint YSA  Easter Monday Activity

This joint activity, between the YSAs of the Winneba stake and the Asamankese district, occurred on 17th April (Easter Monday) at the Olympic Arena, Winneba.

The purpose of the activity was to provide an avenue for the YSAs of the two areas to socialise, build lasting brotherhood and sisterhood.

Addressing the gathering in a brief devotional at the stake centre before the activity, President Enoch Sam, the first counselor in the stake presidency and also the presidency member-in-charge of the YSAs echoed the purpose of the activity: “The ultimate aim of this activity is to deepen the friendship existing among the YSAs of the two areas, which friendship we expect to translate into stronger collaborations, learning and ultimately more marriages. Fortunately, last years’ encounter resulted in a marriage between a YSA brother (from Asamankese) and a YSA sister (from Winneba stake), both of whom participated in the activity as well. So for this year’s encounter, the expectation is high. We, in the stake presidency, are motivated by such successes”.

The actual programme started at about 10 am and ended a little after 5 pm to pave way for our brothers and sisters from Asamankese to return home. It was such a delightsome experience for the YSAs who participated. Talking about expectations, some YSAs leaders from the two areas had the following to say:

“We are here basically to mingle...A lot of us don’t even know some of our friends in this area and we also know that we have to marry in the covenant and this is one of the ways we can make this happen. Who knows, I might meet my husband here so that I can marry in the covenant” (Sister Asare, Female rep Asamankese district).

“I am expecting more socialisation. We are here to entertain ourselves; we are here to socialise and to know more people and more importantly to tell people who we are, where we are from and what we believe in as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” (Brother Bortsie, Male rep Winneba stake).

As part of the programme lineup for the day, the YSAs participated in draughts, horse riding, volleyball, football and swimming. Attendance was great (a total of 190 YSAs from the two areas participated in the activity). There was a lot to eat and drink. It was fun packed.

At the event were President Sam, and Brother Daniel Fifi Yankson, the high councillor assigned to the YSA. Below are some pictures from the activity.