Young Adults Choose Service on Saturday

Service Brings Joy to Ghana Young Adults


Young adults from the Christiansborg area of Accra joined forces with LDS Charities Saturday, October 28, at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ meeting house, to prepare materials and training aids for doctors and midwives in Ghana.

When asked why she gave up a Saturday afternoon to serve, Sarah Nelson from Christiansborg Ward (similar to a parish) said, “I receive much more than I give. My life is better because I try to help others. Putting a smile on someone’s face makes me happy.”

Nearly twenty young men and women, ages 18 -30, joined staff from LDS Charities to assemble aids and materials which will be used for a Maternal/Newborn Care Seminar hels in Accra Oct 30 - November 3, 2017. The seminar is a cooperative program sponsored by LDS Charities and Ghana Health Service.

“Assembling these teaching kits often takes us [the visiting professionals] a long, ten-hour day,” said Ike Ferguson, LDS Charities Technical Specialist from Utah. “With the help of these Ghanaian [young adults], the task was completed in less than two hours. We are deeply grateful for their help.”

Kingsley Hagan, a 19-year-old preparing to serve a full-time mission for the Church, remarked, “My friends invited me to this project. Giving service with friends is so much fun. They help me become a little bit better each day. I had a good time . . . giving service today.”

Sister Anne Pierce, a senior missionary responsible for the Young Single Adult program in West Africa said, “For Young Adults, the purpose of coming together is three-fold: to provide a spiritual fortress around our young single adults, to enable young single adults to build important relationships, and to partake of God’s word as it pertains to young single adults in this region.' 

Sister Pierce continued, 'Of course, they also have a lot of fun!'

When asked what she hoped was accomplished at Saturday’s event, Brenda Mc-Saawa, the  Christiansborg Stake Young Single Adult Representative replied, “We want to make someone happy. To be like Jesus Christ, we need to serve others. It is service that makes us happy. Today my heart is full of happiness!'