Africa West Area Plan 2022




The Africa West Area Presidency presents the Africa West Area plan for Leaders and all adult and youth members of the Church for the year 2022.  Every person who follows the Africa West Area Plan will be fortified in his or her faith, grow closer to God, and experience greater happiness. 

We invite families, quorums, councils, presidencies, and auxiliary organizations to Consider discussing the Area Plan applications and outcomes on the second-hour meetings on 5th Sundays throughout 2022.


        “Let God Prevail”


To let God prevail in your life we invite you to live the following teachings as revealed by the Lord through His prophets. Please “take” someone with you:

  • Love God and your neighbor with all your heart by ministering as the Savior would.
  • Exercise faith in Jesus Christ as you seek to know and to do His will by receiving daily revelation.
  • Invite the Spirit to always be with you through daily repentance and by the weekly renewing of your covenants as you partake of the sacrament.
  • Increase gospel learning by practicing “Come Follow Me” both at home and at church.
  • Strive to become self-reliant with honesty and integrity by doing the following:
  1.  Live the Law of the Fast.
  2.  Pay a full tithe and a generous fast offering.
  3.  Set aside food and supplies in case of an emergency.
  4.  Improve an existing skill or trade or learn a new one.
  • Strengthen the Rising Generation by doing the following:
  1.  Fully implement the Children and Youth Program at home and at Church.
  2.  Invite all young men and desirous young women to serve missions by preparing financially, developing strong testimonies,and keeping the commandments.
  3. Develop a strong marital relationship where a husband and wife love and care for each other and for their children. 
  • Gather Israel on both sides of the veil by doing the following:
  1. Worthily hold a temple recommend (all adults and youth).
  2.  Regularly share the blessings the gospel has brought you with friends and acquaintances.
  3.  Prepare family names and bring them to the temple as circumstances allow.