Africa West Area Vision 2024


The Africa West Area Presidency presents the Africa West Area Vision for Leaders and all adult and youth members of the Church for the year 2024. Every person who follows the Africa West Area Vision will be fortified in his or her faith, grow closer to God, and experience greater happiness.

We invite families, quorums, councils, presidencies, and auxiliary organizations to Consider discussing the Area Vision applications and outcomes on the second-hour meetings on 5th Sundays throughout 2024.


Watch : Area Presidency Message  - 2024 Area Vision 

                                 Think Celestial

  • Become More Holy 

– Repent by applying the
Atonement of Jesus Christ.

– Engage in sincere daily
personal and family

– Always remember Him
by partaking of the
sacrament and cherishing
each Sabbath Day.

- Study the Book of
Mormon every day to
nourish your testimony.

  • Strengthen Families and Individuals

– Increase your learning by
engaging in homecentered,
Church supported gospel study.

– Be peacemakers in your
home and community.

– Learn and live selfreliance
principles both spiritual and temporal.

-Love God and your
neighbor by ministering
with charity.

  • Gather Scattered Israel

– Love others, Share the
gospel, and Invite all to
Come Unto Christ.

– Prepare all young men to
serve a full-time mission;
young women if they

– Have a current temple
recommend and attend
as you are able.