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A Virtual Advisor is an interactive pdf that is downloaded to your 📲 phone. It suggests a path for you to follow to become successful in that industry. It also has links to helpful related websites, and a ✅ checklist so you can keep track of what you’ve completed. If one of the industries below interests you, click 👆🏾 on its tile to go to the corresponding Virtual Advisor. Once there, click the download arrow ⬇️ in the upper right corner to download it to your phone.

BYU-Pathway Worldwide provides access to spiritually based degrees completely online at an affordable price. This Virtual Advisor will guide you through the preliminary steps to help insure you are successful in BYU Pathway

Bloom is a company that connects international talent with remote online jobs in the United States. This is a list of their minimum requirements. It is a difficult path but well worth the trouble if you are successful and getting one of the jobs. Bloom also hires mentors for BYU Pathway.

This Virtual Advisor helps guide you through the courses you need to receive a 4 year diploma in LDS Institute.

This Virtual Advisor will help guide you through institute and self-reliance classes that will help prepare you for your mission. Missionary Preparation Student Manual

Congratulations! We are so glad to have you home. Following this Virtual Advisor will introduce you to your YSA Gathering Place and make sure you have all the Lords resources and courses necessary for you to be successful in this next phase of your life and covenant journey.  My Plan For Returned Missionaries

There is much said about the covenant path these days. For many YSA the next step in the covenant path is marriage in the House of the Lord. This Virtual Advisor will help you identify the courses available to prepare you  for dating and marriage. Your Covenant Path Ever heard of the “covenant path”?

So you have a job but could use a better one. this Virtual Advisor will guide you to courses such as, Education For Better Work, and resources that will help you change or upgrade your work.

So you want to be a mom or a dad, or maybe you already are and just want to be a better one. This virtual Advisor will show you the courses available through the Lords storehouse that can help you on that quest. Good luck and may God bless your efforts. Parenting Strategies and Resources

Welcome to the PEF Virtual Advisor. This will walk you though the steps for obtaining a PEF loan.